New Course: Chakras for Mental Health

I noticed a problem.

Most energy systems focus on physical problems, either skating over mental health, or including it as an afterthought.

However, most of my clients come to me with mental health concerns.

In fact, I don’t know a single living person who does not struggle with mental health.

These days, mental health is not an afterthought. Depression is rampant, anxiety is commonplace, trauma is the norm. We cannot go on like this, not without a serious intervention.

That’s why I created this online course designed to give the learner practical, user-friendly techniques taken from my own experience (and my clients’).

For $10 per week, you will receive gentle, supportive energy work designed to support your other mental health endeavors. In other words: ultimate self-care.

By purchasing this course, you will begin a newfound journey toward overall wellness based in self-guided healing.

The only one who knows what you need is you.

This course ultimately guides you into a heart-centered approach to mental health by tuning into your own unique energy center. May it bring you joy and peace ♡

(Note: This course is accessible to the absolute chakra beginner. If you know nothing about chakras, this course is for you. If you know everything about chakras but want to consider them from another perspective, this course is for you, too.)

Chakra Mental Health Course
  • 7-week online training

Course Includes:

  • 7 weeks of instruction (at your own pace)
  • Guided meditations
  • Yin yoga techniques
  • Reiki self-healing
  • Chakra cleansing techniques
  • Gentle trauma release
  • Examples and explanations from my own healing journey (and my clients’)
  • More!

Published by Sarah Beach

Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Sarah Beach brings wellness back to her hometown through yoga, meditation, Reiki, and PhD work in mental health rhetoric. She now brings that same knowledge to humans (and animals) everywhere.

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