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Healing with heart

I used intuition to heal from a host of chronic illnesses and traumas, including depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, PTSD, IBS, and POTS.

Now, I use all four dimensions of the energetic body (physical, mental body, emotional, and spiritual) to help others do the same.

This is my story.

Inching my way to health

People ask me how I “got sick.” I have come to believe that humans are born sick, so to speak. We emerge on this planet helpless and screaming, already carrying the energetic baggage of lifetimes.

Then, we spend our whole lives being taught to be like everyone else. We pick up baggage. It weighs a body down.

So, while I wasn’t “sick” as a child, the foundations were laid early. I spent my childhood worrying myself awake most nights and compulsively people-pleasing. Looking back, I could have been diagnosed with anxiety and OCD (although I’m so glad I wasn’t. Read my book to find out why).

I found out later that I have always been a highly sensitive person (HSP) and empath, but suppressed those traits. By high school, I had developed acne and hormonal fluctuations. In 2013, after taking Accutane, I developed debilitating IBS and panic attacks.

Then, after a sexual assault by a stranger in an alleyway, I developed PTSD, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and depression. Over years of grasping at straws and finding very few answers, I further developed POTS and adrenal fatigue syndrome. And what did I do? I went to grad school — not because I wanted to, but because I had internalized the need to achieve.

Grad school, in hindsight, forced me toward self-care. Role models there taught me that I needed to take of myself before I landed in the hospital (or worse). Slowly but surely, between teaching, taking classes, and writing a thesis about rape culture on campus, I began taking nature walks, eating better, spending time on hobbies, and other infinitesimal astronomical shifts.

My journey was only beginning, though. Eventually I found a functional practitioner and osteopath. Never before – or since – has a person in a white coat shown that much faith in my ability to take control of my own health. I saw both of them exactly once. Their methods helped…but they weren’t enough.

After trying literally every herbal supplement, therapy, essential oil, exercise, and almost every other trick in the book, I stumbled upon energy healing.

I learned that I have the gift of intuitive empathy and can “listen” to human energy fields. I receive intuitive flashes about the state of my own and others’ illnesses. I can “ask” your heart a question or sense the anger in your liver. Usually, the problem stems from trauma, unhealthy belief patterns, or transmuting other people’s energy for them. Clearing those energetic patterns brings instant and lasting relief.

In 2019 I received my Reiki Levels I and II attunements and began healing. I started working with others to tap into their deeply rooted energetic patterns so they could release them and find healing. Often, the pattern is inherited from our ancestors and community — not our “fault” at all!

In 2020 I became a meditation coach and certified yin yoga instructor while finishing up a PhD in mental health rhetoric and wrote my first book. I also am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and source my own local wild plants to make tinctures and teas. I work with crystals, sound therapy, and muscle testing.

These modalities work in harmony to heal the whole person. Each person is unique and needs a specialized combination of healing tools to heal. Now, I guide people through their own unique healing journey. That’s why I offer my clients personalized advice based on my intuitive abilities and expertise.

For my PhD, I moved to rural Appalachia, where a healer taught me about herbs, kinesiology, and iridology. She took me under her wing and dedicated hours to late-night long talks about personal growth, emotional healing, trauma, and self-love. Every time I left, she pressed me with home cooked food and nutrition books and essential oils, and I kept learning.

When I got my Reiki certification, I hesitated to tell friends and family. Not only is Reiki considered “alternative,” it meant a shift in my career goals and I expected pushback.

She supported me without hesitation. She described her parents and grandparents and their pursuit of healing through spiritualism. She traced her own path through both Western and alternative healing as both a healer and a patient. She told me this world needs more “witch doctor women,” and I could be one if I wanted. In her estimation, I could be anything I wanted. Traumas, big and little, are natural outgrowths of living on planet Earth. Some of us carry only a few. Others carry more. Traumas are re-opened every single day.

My blog is centered around the heart chakra because, in my experience, hearts are the most eager and willing to open. Everywhere I look, people’s hearts are opening to resilience and unconditional love.

I know from firsthand experience that the body, mind, spirit, and emotions must heal in tandem to create overall healing. As I cleared my own energetic baggage, I began to develop a baseline of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness that has proven powerful and lasting. My whole life works in harmony now, much more so than before I “became” sick. I learned that I had always been sick — overcoming is part of the human condition. We are tasked with the joyful responsibility of becoming our best selves.

The human family is going through an unprecedented time of healing and growth. I hope you will join me in the journey!

Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Sarah Beach brings wellness back to her hometown through yoga, meditation, Reiki, and PhD work in mental health rhetoric. She now brings that same knowledge to humans (and animals) everywhere.

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