Ikigai 2021? The link between health, wealth, and your soul’s purpose

I woke up in the wee hours of January 1st, 2021 feeling such a strong shift in the global energy. This year is for finding your soul’s purpose. Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that…Because what the world really needs is people who have come alive. HowardContinue reading “Ikigai 2021? The link between health, wealth, and your soul’s purpose”

What is Reiki? (and 9 benefits)

In Japanese, Rei (Universal Life)+ki (Energy) means healing using the hands, but not quite like a massage. Massage uses touch; Reiki uses the electromagnetic signature in the body. During your session, the practitioner holds his or her hands over certain areas of the body and moves energy with his or her hands. Sometimes the practitionerContinue reading “What is Reiki? (and 9 benefits)”

Timeline Healing: Forgiving Your Ancestors

Timeline healing is the only way to truly let go of what no longer serves us. I healed my timeline with Reiki. You know the drill. Our inner patterns are responsible for everything in our reality. Sometimes this is a good thing. Other times…not so much. Our ancestors never intended to bequeath us the legacyContinue reading “Timeline Healing: Forgiving Your Ancestors”

COVID-19: What they won’t tell you

The problem with coronavirus is that people are fundamentally unprepared. We panic because we face the unknown without a plan. Today, however, I made elderberry tonic and an herbal throat spritz with the plan of minimizing pathogens and boosting our immune systems. We might still get the virus, yes. And yet, we are combatting fearContinue reading “COVID-19: What they won’t tell you”

Why “love” is our best Reiki symbol

In my Reiki practice, I find myself drawing lots of hearts on people — I know, I know, it’s not a traditional Reiki symbol. Even before I was certified in Reiki II (which is when you learn the symbols) I used hearts in my practice. Lest you think I’m being silly and cliche, I’ll explain.Continue reading “Why “love” is our best Reiki symbol”

Energetic Nutrition: Why popcorn is so addicting

As I start my second bowl of popcorn today, I’m thinking about why it’s my second-favorite food. Medical experts disagree about whether popcorn is great for you or terrible for you, but I don’t care. I’m thinking about it in terms of energy healing. Since my Reiki certification, I’ve been in tune with the energyContinue reading “Energetic Nutrition: Why popcorn is so addicting”

Healing is a winding path. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a map?

As a Spiritual Healing Coach, I help clients nurture their bodies, minds, spirits, and emotions. One way I do that is by providing personalized Guidebooks based on your needs. Here is one page of my own personalized Guidebook so you can see what one looks like. Full Guidebooks are 15-20 pages of individualized healing information,Continue reading “Healing is a winding path. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a map?”

Is Reiki Christian?

Any one of us can learn to do Reiki. We are all made up of energy that ebbs and flows between and around us at all times. To me, Reiki comes from the Source of healing and strength. It is literally the energy that powers our own bodies, the Life Force lives in the EarthContinue reading “Is Reiki Christian?”