New Course: Chakras for Mental Health

I noticed a problem. Most energy systems focus on physical problems, either skating over mental health, or including it as an afterthought. However, most of my clients come to me with mental health concerns. In fact, I don’t know a single living person who does not struggle with mental health. These days, mental health isContinue reading “New Course: Chakras for Mental Health”

Intuitive Chakra Drawing

On a whim, I decided to draw my sacral chakra. I’m not one of those lucky people that can see energy, but I can sense it in other ways. I tuned in with my sacral chakra, using its guidance to choose the colors, shapes, and patterns in this drawing: You might notice that the linesContinue reading “Intuitive Chakra Drawing”

Let go of 2020: Guided Clearing (free!)

Sending peace and love to you all today on 1/1/2021! In the wee hours I suddenly felt the energy shift — it’s gonna be a BIG year! I’m sharing a LiveStream video we made at the studio where I practice. Beforehand, we wrote down the baggage and junk we wanted to let go of thisContinue reading “Let go of 2020: Guided Clearing (free!)”

A Message From The Heart (Chakra)

I noticed something odd about my Christmas gifts. They match. I enjoy pink, certainly, but it’s not, like, my favorite color or anything. No one ever goes out of their way to give me pink stuff. And yet, all my gifts this year were nicely coordinated – pink and green. I took it as aContinue reading “A Message From The Heart (Chakra)”

Distance Healing: Reiki at your convenience

Remote Reiki: social distancing at its finest! Did you know you can change the structure of water with your thoughts? Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous experiments proved that humans can change the molecular structure of water just by thinking about them with intent. You can even try it with anything that contains water, like the appleContinue reading “Distance Healing: Reiki at your convenience”

What is Reiki? (and 9 benefits)

In Japanese, Rei (Universal Life)+ki (Energy) means healing using the hands, but not quite like a massage. Massage uses touch; Reiki uses the electromagnetic signature in the body. During your session, the practitioner holds his or her hands over certain areas of the body and moves energy with his or her hands. Sometimes the practitionerContinue reading “What is Reiki? (and 9 benefits)”

Timeline Healing: Forgiving Your Ancestors

Timeline healing is the only way to truly let go of what no longer serves us. I healed my timeline with Reiki. You know the drill. Our inner patterns are responsible for everything in our reality. Sometimes this is a good thing. Other times…not so much. Our ancestors never intended to bequeath us the legacyContinue reading “Timeline Healing: Forgiving Your Ancestors”

Why “love” is our best Reiki symbol

In my Reiki practice, I find myself drawing lots of hearts on people — I know, I know, it’s not a traditional Reiki symbol. Even before I was certified in Reiki II (which is when you learn the symbols) I used hearts in my practice. Lest you think I’m being silly and cliche, I’ll explain.Continue reading “Why “love” is our best Reiki symbol”

Energetic Nutrition: Why popcorn is so addicting

As I start my second bowl of popcorn today, I’m thinking about why it’s my second-favorite food. Medical experts disagree about whether popcorn is great for you or terrible for you, but I don’t care. I’m thinking about it in terms of energy healing. Since my Reiki certification, I’ve been in tune with the energyContinue reading “Energetic Nutrition: Why popcorn is so addicting”

Healing is a winding path. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a map?

As a Spiritual Healing Coach, I help clients nurture their bodies, minds, spirits, and emotions. One way I do that is by providing personalized Guidebooks based on your needs. Here is one page of my own personalized Guidebook so you can see what one looks like. Full Guidebooks are 15-20 pages of individualized healing information,Continue reading “Healing is a winding path. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a map?”